The team

Sharon Dolev is the founder and Director of the Regional Peace and Disarmament Movement. Ms. Dolev is an experienced peace and human rights activist in several organizations among them Meretz Party, Geneva Initiative, Gaza Team, and Women in Black. Ms. Dolev has served as Meretz’s action coordinator, chaired Young Meretz, lead the Peace and Disarmament/Nuclear Campaigns in Greenpeace, and was the Director of Greenpeace in Israel.

Sharon Dolev, Founder and Director

Nadav Sha’altiel leads researches in the field of education. Mr. Sha’altiel conducts private research and has served as a private consultant to the IDF chief of staff’s office. Mr. Sha’altiel holds an MA in political science, focusing on arms control..

Nadav Sha’altiel

Our board

Mossi (Moshe) Raz is the head of RPM/IDM’s board. Mr. Raz is the Director of All for Peace Radio station and the head of Life and Environment, the umbrella organization of all environmental organizations in Israel. Mr. Raz is a former Member of the Israeli Parliament and a former director of Peace Now.

Mossi (Moshe) Raz

Yifat Solel is a civil rights attorney and a political activist. Ms. Solel chairs The Cooperatives Alliance for Social, Economic and Environmental Justice. She is a member of the executive committee of Meretz Party and was elected to the 9th place on Meretz list to the Israeli Parliament. Ms. Solel is a peace activist and specializes in social rights legislation, legal struggles and submits petitions to the Supreme Court for clients striving for free speech, democratic rights, and social change. As a researcher at the Van-Leer institute Ms. Solel writes academic and non-academic articles regarding social justice and civil rights..

Yifat Solel

Erez Krispin is a member of the steering committee and management of the NGO Combatants for Peace, a large and prominent Israeli-Palestinian peace movement, and serves as its director of foreign affairs. He is the co-founder and co-chairman of the forum against occupation of the Meretz party. Mr. Erez is a partner in a strategy and marketing consultancy firm and has M.SC and B.Sc degrees in computer science and has completed extensive studies in Business Administration…

Erez Krispin

Raluca Ganea is a campaigner in the international campaign organization Avaaz, a social activist and a Yoga instructor. Ms. Ganea manages social campaigns and specializes in strategy and budget buildings, fundraising and work plans..

Raluca Ganea

Our international board

Dr Rebecca Johnson is an internationally-recognized expert on nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. She is the director of the Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy, which she co-founded in 1995, Co-Chair of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) and a member of the International Panel on Fissile Materials (IPFM). With a background in physics as well as in international relations, she is a prolific author on security and non-proliferation issues and has served as an adviser on board member for several organizations.

Rebecca Johnson

Paul is a former Professional Staff Member of the Armed Services Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives where he served as a senior advisor to the Chairman and full committee. Walker holds a Ph.D. in security studies from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; an M.A. from Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies; a Russian Honors Certificate from the Defense Language Institute of the West Coast; and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University. He is also a Vietnam-era U.S. Army veteran.
Paul has worked, spoken, and published widely in the areas of international security, threat reduction, non-proliferation, and weapons demilitarization for over three decades and took part in the first on-site inspection by US officials of the Russian chemical weapons stockpile at Shchuch’ye in the Kurgan Oblast in 1994. Since that time he has worked closely with the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), US and Russian officials, the Cooperative Threat Reduction (CTR) Program, the G-8 Global Partnership, and other multilateral regimes to help foster cooperative, timely, and safe elimination of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and related systems.

Paul F.Walker

Jody Williams is an American political activist known around the world for her work in banning anti-personnel landmines, her defense of human rights – especially those of women – and her efforts to promote new understandings of security in today’s world. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1997 for her work toward the banning and clearing of anti-personnel mines.

Jody Williams

Ralph Gideon-Yaakov Spiro is an Israeli journalist and left-wing activist. A survivor of the November 1938 Kristallnacht pogrom in Berlin, he is a senior campaigner for human rights, prominently involved in public acts against the distribution of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. Throughout his career, Spiro has served some notable Israeli newspapers as a columnist and reporter, and is now an independent political blogger.

Ralph Gideon-Yaakov Spiro